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Whenever anyone initially considers beekeeping, many visit a local beekeeping association. Newcomers are warmly welcomed and exposed to all sorts of technical mumbo jumbo just before being offered large amounts of beekeeping supplies at exorbitant prices, usually by another beekeeper who has created a cottage industry among the group.

This isn’t necessary at all. Bee keepers have been keeping bees since the art’s inception by utilizing equipment and tools that they had on hand. The bees certainly don’t care and re-using and repurposing building materials is very green

Save Money, Save Space, Become a Top Bar Bee Keeper

BeekeepingYou don’t have to spend a huge amount of money and you don’t need a lot of acreage or storage space to keep bees either. You won’t have to lug around heavy pieces of equipment or clean out your entire garage to get into beekeeping. It just isn’t necessary. Many people can become successful beekeepers using the top bar beekeeping method, even those who are wheelchair bound.

Top bar beekeeping is also space friendly. Bee Keepers who don’t have very much usable space can still participate because most of the items and tools you use are actually stored within the hives. It’s ingenious.

Minimal Land Accessories Needed

The absolute essentials required for Top Bar beekeeping are extremely simple. All you’ll need is a hat, veil, an old white shirt, and some gloves.

Even if you live in an urban area, as long as you have flowers available the bees will do just fine. Most people don’t know that bees fare better in an urban garden instead of industrial farm land.

Top Bar Bee Hives

Top Bar beehives are relatively simple in design. They’re just boxes with sticks across the top for the bees to attach their hives. There aren’t any frames, excluders, ekes, foundation, or any of those additional accessories, just space allotted for hives and equipment storage.

The best thing about a top bar beehive is that building them is super simple. If you can put up shelves, then you can build a top bar beehive. You can construct the box and cover with hand tools and it doesn’t have to look perfect or beautiful. The bees don’t care. To them, the top bar beehive is a weatherproof structure that offers them the opportunity to build their hives the way they see fit without interference or wax structures.

Top Bar Beekeeping is for Everyone

Top Bar beekeeping provides beekeepers of all ages and activity levels the opportunity to keep bees using the best method possible. You keep your hands off the bees until it’s time to harvest the honey, leaving them to what they do best, making honey. It’s always best to leave well enough alone when it comes to nature.

Beekeeping shouldn’t have to be expensive or complicated and top bar beekeeping provides just that for beekeepers. This method of beekeeping allows for the use of recycled materials and minimal use of supplies. You can become a bee keeper no matter if you live in the city, the country, or in a suburban neighborhood. The opportunities are truly endless for anyone.

Produce Honey and Make Some Money

Honey is commanding high prices in today’s market and if you follow local regulations it’s possible to start your own cottage industry selling honey. This is a great income opportunity for retirees and stay at home moms. There are a couple of people that are actually beekeeping and making a full time income using the top bar beekeeping method. The method is very friendly for entrepreneurs to make extra cash with very little investment needed.